Hello from Costa Rica!

Some have called this tiny country “the happiest on earth”, and who am I to argue with that?! Right? I’ll take it! I think I’m super lucky, I get to call Costa Rica home and it is, for sure, a great source of inspiration in everything I do! 

The view from our apartment

Making things has always been part of my life. In fact, for almost 10 years I owned and ran a small shop where I sold handmade gifts made by local artists as well as my own line of handmade handbags. About three years ago, however, I found myself drawing more than I did sewing and soon I realized it was time for a change…so I closed down the shop and began pursuing graphic design and illustration. 

You know that feeling, when you are just super excited and full of joy?
That’s exactly what the phrase “La contentera” alludes to. 

So, as you might imagine, I’m a firm believer that it’s never too late to grab the bull by it’s horns and go after what you want in life — to define for yourself, what it is that makes YOU happy and just go for it! 

“La Contentera” is a phrase that speaks exactly to that, as it’s used to express happiness and joy. That space between pen and paper (or apple pen and iPad 🙂 is my happy place, and I hope, very humbly, that through my art, I can share that joy with others. 


That's me! You can't see, but my husband is sitting right by my side in this picture, which is why I'm smiling so big!
Here’s a secret: You can’t see, but my husband is sitting right
next to me in this picture, which is why I’m smiling so big!

I’m a Plant Lady at heart unfortunately I’m not a very good one: plants hardly ever survive my excess of water love!

One of our favorite beaches is just a little under 4 hours away from where we live.. and it's totally worth it! Cahuita, Limón - Costa Rica